Wednesday’s Update Thursday, Mar 19 2009 

Last night…

I had a great time last night.  Something amazing happened that took my by such surprise… but I’ll get into that later.  I got there a little early and realized my directions weren’t perfect and if she listened to my first set, she’d pass the place.  Well, I parked and sent her a text with the addendum.  I told her I was just waiting outside and to either call me or text me when she got there.  Well about 2 minutes before our arranged time, I see an SUV drive by with a dog smiling happily out the window (I recognized the dog from her pic but couldn’t really see the driver).  I get a text about 20 seconds later saying, “Am here”.  I sent her one back, “I saw” and then got out of my truck.

I didn’t see quite where she parked so I started walking towards where she drove… She came around the shrubs dividing the parking lots and saw me about to head into the other lot… “Brian!” I heard as I turned to see her smiling.  Very pretty 🙂  So I walked up to her and we smiled as we walked inside.

Felt instantly comfortable around her.  She’s down to earth, funny, attentive, curious and seems to be totally at ease with things.  She likes good beer.  She likes good food.  She likes to work out.  She loves to play sports.  She’s intelligent.  She’s passionate about what she does.

But the thing that took me most by surprise is the fact that when I was talking, she looked at me.  Not just at me, she looked in my eyes as she listened.  It totally took me by surprise.  I also realized that when I was talking, I sort of spoke to the table or… out across the table to no one in particular.  But I notice in the corner of my eye she was looking and me.  I started to talk directly too her and it was great.  People don’t do that very often anymore (me included).  It wasn’t as if she was hanging on my every word, but it sure as hell felt like she heard and listened (two very distinct things) to everything I said.

We had a great meal and laughed.  It was a great evening.  I hope to see her sometime this weekend so we can go hit a bucket of golf balls.  I gave her a hard time about not playing in almost 3 years… but I better watch out because I have a feeling she might be the type of person that gets the clubs back in her hands and will kick the crap out of me in a month =P  We’ll see about that!

Well, there you go.  An update.


Prospectus generalis Wednesday, Mar 18 2009 

Okay, so it’s been another week between posts.  Honestly, I’m not TRYING to be a weekly blogger!  TRULY!!!

It’s just been kinda busy actually.  I find myself spending some time looking at the dating websites trying to sift between the BS and the RP (real people).  I have come across a couple cool ladies… maybe I shouldn’t write about them because who knows, they may find me out here… but then again, I’d never say anything (or names) that would be bad for anything other than topics for discussion.  Because in reality, this is about my journey, not theirs.  Sure, they play a part, but the underlying notion here is that of my perception on life and how I’m living it and how I want to live it.  Did ANY of that make sense?

Anyway, I’ve been in contact with a couple people that seem super cool.  I’m actually meeting one of them for a beer and dinner tonight.  Going to a great restaurant that serves super food and brews their own.  This particular lady is a volleyballer, golfer and softballer… and that just ranks right up there with me.  I love playing all three.  Love them.  Anyway, she seems super down to earth and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her.  We’ll see how tonight goes but I think it will be good.

I’ll talk about the others as things either develop or they don’t.  But, for now, we’ll just say they’re all beautiful ladies who have very distinct personalities and who have all been very forthright in their profiles as to what they are looking for in a partner.

This is something I find very refreshing.  It’s nice to know what people want up front.  I’ve been able to weed out the girls who don’t fit my lifestyle or attitude towards life in a fairly swift manner.  I REALLY like that aspect of these websites.  I like being able to control how fast I can talk to someone if I’m a little leery of their profile.

And as a LARGE side note… (and this really isn’t a rant, but it makes sense to me)… if you sign up for one of these websites, it is my humble opinion that you should be required to put up a picture.  NOW, with that being said, I understand why some people do not choose to put their pix up.  You might not have a digital camera (the websites offer the services to digitally scan a pic for you if you’ll send it to them), you do not have a recent one (get one), or you do not feel that you are “attractive” enough to have people be interested in you because of your pic.  The first two I don’t give another thought to.  There are options, use them.  As for the third… and I’m TRULY not intending to be harsh here… if you really feel that way, are you in a postion mentally and emotionally to start a relationship?    And do you know why I can ask that question?  Because there was definitely a time when I wouldn’t have been able to do that.  And at that same time, I wouldn’t have been ready to start a new relationship.

Now, to play Devil’s Advocate against my logic and what I’ve said up there… There might be a physically and emotionally beautiful person behind that blank icon.  I have no doubt that some of the women I’ve been match up with fall within this category.  But it’s a fact on these sites that your chances at meeting someone increase 10 fold if you put up any kind of a RECENT pic.  If you’re overweight, you think you’re less than “attractive”, or whatever… who cares?  Put up a recent picture and you WILL get interest.

And my second pet peeve is… take the time to fill out your profile.  Besides your picture, it’s your first impression.  Make it say what YOU want to say.  I’ve read some that sound like a sales pitch.  I could buy a mail-order bride if I wanted… but I want a real person who has real wants, real desires, and who doesn’t come across as this perfect little angel and who doesn’t understand why she hasn’t found Mr. Right yet.  Well hon, that’s why…

Okay, now I’m getting off on tangents and all that stuff.  To bring it back around to where it probably should have gone a page ago, I’m happy with what I’ve posted.  I’m happy with the pictures I’ve put up.  I’ve put up pix from 2 days ago when I was out golfing (and I’ll post one here too).  I’ve also put up pix from last July when I weighed so much more.  I also made reference to WHY I put my “fat” pix up.  Because I’m damn proud of how hard I’ve worked.  I put these pix up to remind myself, NOT these potential interests.

Enough outta me.  I’ll post how my night went hopefully tomorrow.  I have to go to the dentist for a little work at 1:30 tomorrow and then I’m off on Friday.  My Dad and I always watch some of the men’s NCAA basketball tourney while having a beer and some food at a great establishment with oodles of tv’s.  This weekend will consist of me playing a little EQ2 and cleaning the house.  My buddy Scott is house-sitting for me next week as I will be in Sacrament, CA for training.  I’m a clean guy and keep a clean house 90% of the time so it won’t be bad to tidy up… but it still needs to be done.

Hope everyone has a great day and rest of the week.  CHEERS!

“The Beast” Wednesday, Mar 11 2009 

I’ve been saying for a long time, “I need to get a pic of Porter up here so people know what he looks like.”

Well, here you go!

Porter w/ his poor 'ball'

Porter w/ his poor 'ball'

He’s a freak w/ a semi-lazy eye… I wouldn’t trade him for the world.  Okay… well, maybe the world.  But nothing less!

Am I really beginning “that” journey? Wednesday, Mar 11 2009 

Well, it’s definitely been a few days since my last post… about a week I think?

What have I been up to?  Work, playing a little, but not much… and starting to think about going down “that” path.  What path is that?  I’ll get to that.

I want to admit something to the world… I actually had pizza this past weekend.  It took me 4 meals to eat a medium pizza (whereas, back in the day I could have probably eaten 3/4 of it in one sitting).  But I feel guilty.  I feel as if I’ve let myself down a little.  “Over a PIZZA?!?!” someone might say.  Yep, over a pizza.  While it tasted good, it wasn’t what I remember it being like.  It wasn’t that comfort food it used to be.  I’ll always love pizza and food like that, but it doesn’t ‘take me away’ like it used to.  And I equate that to a damn good thing.  My waistline and my pant size can attest to that.  In fact, the wonderful scale said 233 this morning… it’s getting there.  It’s starting to slow down, but it’s getting there.  (and as a disclaimer, the 242 I posted was the official weigh-in at the docs… with all my clothes on, shoes on, and jacket on.  I weighed in that way when I went in and I’m not going to short change myself or “lie” about how much I’ve lost by removing my shoes and such when I know I haven’t lost as much.  So, the 233 is probably closer to 238 if I wasn’t naked as a j-bird.)

Okay, enough about that… Doh, one more thing.  I’m going to be getting a pedometer this week or this weekend.  I drove the route I’ve been taking Porter for our walks and it came in exactly at 2 miles.  With 2 hills no less!!!  It’s been great and it will continue to get better.  Need to get a new pair of “cross-trainers” or athletic type shoes for these walks and when I start to push myself in terms of conditioning.  Oh yes… by this summer, I plan on actually jogging and doing wind sprints.  I haven’t done that crap since high school football… but my goal is to be in MUCH better shape than I was back then.  I was in shape enough to get by… but by no means was I in good enough shape to do the things I want.  I will.  Mark my words.

Okay… now onto the other stuff… Well, I’ve taken a couple steps to start getting back into the dating scene a little.  YIKES.  Yeah, I know.  I’ve actually written someone whose personal ad a buddy sent me.  Course she wrote back and said she wasn’t quite interested in crossing state lines in search of a relationship, but would keep me in mind.  LOL That’s cool with me.  Normally, I wouldn’t contact some blatant stranger… but what do I have to lose eh?  Anyway, last night I bit the bullet and actually signed up for a “singles” website.  It’s probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest, out there and I’ve heard good things from people about their service.  I won’t say which quite yet, but I did it.  I actully dropped some cash on the “membership” and hope, in time, it pays off.  I’ve already been in minor contact with one person and am waiting to hear back from someone I contacted (who actually lives out in the sticks like I do!).  Anyway, we’ll see.

No, I’m not ready to settle down in a month or two.  But I AM interested in spending time with someone other than Porter.  He’s a great listener, but doesn’t offer much in the way of return conversation.  Anyway, I’ll keep things posted and might even post my blog addy in my “profile”… but I don’t know if any of these ladies need to know how much of a geek I really am quite yet!  Right?  RIGHT?  🙂

Anyway, I’m working from home today and have done a whole bunch of stuff so far.  I’ll be wrapping that up in a few minutes and hopefully will get a little playing time in.  I’ve borrowed a friends account to be able to do some TS’ing and in turn I’m going to drag him around with me while I do the shard runs.  Figure that’s a pretty fair trade!

I’ll keep you all posted… and I’m sure I’ll be posting more about “that” journey as it unfolds.  Here’s to a great Spring, even better Summer… and bright future!  ***Cheers!***

Thought for the day Wednesday, Mar 4 2009 

I just got a link from someone at work and decided to watch this youtube video.  I wasn’t completely blown away by the staggering information, but it sure as heck makes you think.

Okay, so you’ve watched it.  I read some of the comments below just to get a feel for what people were saying after watching it…  This one stuck out in my mind:

“…I believe we are the farthest behind when it comes to education.  Because schools teach us everything to know, for us to only become consumers.”

You know… I think this person has one heck of a point.  Sure, it’s easy to see both sides of the fence on this, but when it comes down to it, I think there is a whole lot of validity to this.  America is the glutton of the world and it’s seen in so many facets of our lives.  Now, I’m not saying everyone is a glutton, I’m saying our society is too caught up with “What’s in it for me?”  I’m not a socialist, I’m not a communist, I’m nothing of the sort… but I am for the U.S. being able to stand up and actually be the world power and LEADER it thinks it is.  Uneducated, ethically-obtuse, and extremely overweight is no way to lead the world.

/steps off his soapbox

Sorry about that.  I’m a firm believer in, “You make your bed, now you get to sleep in it.”  We’ve done that… and we’re the only ones who can change it.


/steps back up on the soapbox and gets his megaphone…

CASE IN POINT!!!!!!!!!!!

U.S national debt clock:

Canadian national debt clock:

Neither one is fun, neither one is good… but $11 TRILLION?  Canada even had their DEBT going down for a few years (not just their deficit)!!!!

/steps off his soapbox, gets a can of gas and burns it

A Rainy Wednesday Morning Wednesday, Mar 4 2009 

Well, I had just about finished my post… yep, Firefox crashed on me.  This computer at work sucks.  I’ve had more crashes due to driver issues than any other pc I’ve used here in 8 years.  Bleh.

Anyway, my post went a little something like this:

I love the rain.  It isn’t great for picnics, it isn’t great for sunbathing, it isn’t great for some peoples’ moods… but I love it.  I love the freshness.  I love what it means for the plants, grasses, trees, and the smells.  Yep, I even like the smell of wet pavement and concrete.  Something about that dust getting knocked down and the “Earthy” smell that emanates from everything around.  Now, if you live in Seattle or a place where it rains a lot, I guess you’d probably get tired of it… but wow.

I love weather and storms… but most of all, I have a fascination with water.  I’m in awe by it.   Sitting in a pool or a hot tub and I’ve been known to completely space off as I lose myself in the water.  Moving it with my hands, feeling it around my skin… Dunno.  LOVE water.  Amazing stuff.  Scary stuff.  POWERFUL stuff.

Anyway… sorry about that… I’ll do that tangent thing once in a while =)

Last night consisted of logging into Pepp and Egon in order to do some shard runs.  I did quite well actually.  Egon is sitting with 19 shards right now.  I believe I need a total of 52 in order to complete my T2 set of void shard armor.  I am leaving work a couple hours early today cuz I need to run an errand before they close, but I should be home quite early.  This will allow me to complete a the two leftover Befallen quests I kept from last night (I believe it’s kill 40 of the forsaken).  Anyway, that quest is totally easy, just takes a few minutes (especially because those stupid conscript and soldier skellies always chase me around).  So, if all goes well, I should be able to nab around 14 shards tonight.  Here’s to hoping!  =)

Other than that… not a whole lot.  Need to get the dog into the “dog laundry” very soon.  His claws are too long, his hair is driving me nuts, and he could use a bath.  =)  I’m sure as hell not going to try and give him one by myself!  That would be a nightmare!

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  I hope everyone has a great day.  I’ll try to find a good pic of Porter (the one I was going to post last night looks awful)… maybe a before and after shot of his new doo =)

Take care all,


Tuesdays are my Mondays Tuesday, Mar 3 2009 

Not that today has been a “typical” Monday… just kinda seems like a day where there is so much going on.  Maybe it’s because I’m still sort of catching up from the week before last, but just oodles of stuff to do.

We’ve had some crazy weather… yesterday while golfing it was 60 degrees, the wind was blowing, but it never rained.  Today, it’s been similar… the wind has been blowing a little, but we’ve had hail, thunderstorms, and beautiful blue skies.  Welcome to Idaho weather!  Where they say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 1o minutes and it will change.”  Granted, I’ve heard that all over the country, but still!  =P

Okay, so… for the rest of the week, I’ve got a plan.  Scary, I know!

Tonight (Tues) – I’m going to jump on and play for a while after making dinner.  Need to do shard runs from yesterday that I didn’t get done before, or after, golf.  Should be a few easy ones.  If nothing else, I’ll do the super easy ones and clear my journal for today’s new quests.  Probably going to call it a semi-early night in order to get some rest.

Wed & Thurs – Should be “normal” days at work.  Report writing, documenting, and probably will go do a complaint investigation one of the two days.  As for the evenings… going to get out and walk Porter baring any really crappy weather.  I don’t mind walking him in the rain or wind… but not a combo of the two.  Then it will be all about getting the easy shard quests done as fast as I can.

Friday – Friday will be a different kind of day.  I’ve already gotten permission to work from home that day.  I have a HUGE report which has to have a semi-rough draft finished by the 13th.  Then an official rough draft done by April 1.  The kicker is… I haven’t really started.  And since I’ll be travelling to Sacramento, CA the entire week of March 23-27… my time is limited.  So, I have lots to do.  Working from home should allow me to focus and totally kick butt.

Weekend – as many shard runs as I can do.  I would LOVE to have all of Egon’s T2 stuff by Monday.  We’ll see if that happens.  It should.

Uh, I think that’s it.  I’m going to try my first attempt at uploading a picture.  I talk about Porter, my miniature Australian Shepherd, quite a bit… but I’ve never posted a pic.  I think Stargrace knows what he looks like, but that’s about it.  He’s a pretty good dog, but I need to get him in some obedience classes… not because he’s disobediant… because he isn’t very sociable.  That needs to change.  Anyway, here’s his pic…

<< Apparently I’ll have to upload it from home, work doesn’t seem to be liking it very much.  =)  >>

Oy! My back! Monday, Mar 2 2009 

Holy crap… since I’ve been losing weight and it would be a prime opportunity to get more exercise… I decided to walk 18 holes today and actually carry my clubs.  I probably haven’t walked 18 holes in 5 year (maybe more), but I sure as heck haven’t carried my bag in longer than that.  I’ve used those handy bag carts (just the drag or push kind)… and my back is telling me exactly why those were invented.

About hole 13, the muscles in between my shoulder blades started to tense up.  About 14, the muscles along my neck started getting really ticked… and by about 15, my entire back was screaming at me.  I won’t repeat some of the profanity, but it would make a sailor proud (hey wait, I was a sailor…).  Anyway, I’m hurting right now.

I’ll post on Wednesday for sure because I know that’s when the lactic acid will have me acting like I’m 73 instead of 33.

Anyway, I didn’t play well at all, but it’s the first time of the year and we’ll be out there… hell, probably/hopefully about 20 more times between now and October.  I’m not going to play tonight so I can just rest and relax.  Watch a little tv, make some tacos, have a beer and relax.

Those of you who are playing tonight, have a great one and I wish you tons-o-loot and lots-o-exp.  For those who aren’t, have a peaceful evening and I’ll catch you tomorrow.

Take care everyone, have a wonderful night.

Sunday games, a walk, and a movie Monday, Mar 2 2009 

Well, Saturday I ended up playing a whole lot less than I thought I would.  Stargrace said she was listening to music and I was thinking, “Yeah, I need some music too.”  So I set out to youtube and started listenging to a few things.  I had eq2 running in the background but was more caught up in music and relaxing.  I ended up listening to music for… well forever.  I think I probably did a little in-game but the rest of the 8-9 hours or so were just bouncing between acapella groups and such.  I’m going to put a post up about what music means to me sometime soon.

Anyway, yesterday consisted of laundry, shard runs, Egon mentoring down to Mozza’s level (25 to start) and doing quests in Butcherblock.  Egon hadn’t done many of those quests and the everpresent drive to 200 AA’s is not easy.  So, any AA exp he could get was a good thing.  Ended the afternoon with Mozza being 36 and ready to start the Steamfont quests.  Egon has only done about 5 here.  After Steamfont it will be off to Everfrost (even thought Egon has done all those quests).  The gear is too good to just let sit.

Then I took a break about 5pm and took the dog for a walk.  Was out walking less than a block from my house and I see a couple kids and then their dog.  Of course the dog isn’t on a leash… and bolts straight for Porter.  Porter, naturally, doesn’t like to be sniffed and prodded when he can’t move around and do the same.  Since he was on the leash, his mobility is severely hampered.  Well he kind of nips at the other dog and all hell breaks loose.  I’m trying to yank him out of the mess and the kids are running over to get their dog.  I yelled at them, “WHY ISN’T YOUR DOG ON A LEASH?!”  And then I realized who these kids were?  Yep, they belong to the home-owner’s association president.  Fitting isn’t it?  Mr. Oppressive Thumb can’t keep his own dog in his backyard OR on a leash.  Bah, I’ll rant about him later.  Anyway, Porter didn’t get bit, but I’ll be damned this happens again.

And as for the rest of the evening, I decided to grill up a steak and watch Harry Potter: The Prisoner of Azkaban.  I’ve been reading the books (again) and then watching the movie.  I would have to say that I think the third movie is my favorite so far… followed closely by The Goblet of Fire.

Anyway, hope everyone had a great Saturday, Sunday and has a great Monday… even if they worked.  Right Kasul?  heh =)

Golfing in a few hours… looks like wind and rain.  Should be fun =)  Going to squeeze in a few shard runs right now and then I’m off to chase the little white ball.

A Day like Saturday Saturday, Feb 28 2009 

Well, I went to bed a little later than I normally do… woohoo!  I think I turned out the light at about 11pm and actually slept in until a little past 7.  Uh yeah, that’s like SUPER late for me.  It felt good and I feel pretty refreshed.

Just got back from taking Porter for a walk.  I think we walked about 2 miles.  Felt great even though the wind was/is howling.  If it wasn’t for the wind, it would be absolutely gorgeous outside.  Ah well, it’s the last day in February, what do I expect?

Tomorrow looks like I’ll be doing some housework and possibly going to the driving range with my dad.  He has this preconceived idea he’s going to embarrass himself in front of Dr. Z.  While I can understand a little apprehension, he needs to relax.  Dr. Z is a fricken riot and is a pretty comparable golfer to me.  Anyway, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow so we’ll see what happens.  Other than that, it will be about shards and relaxing.


As for the game (I know, I said I didn’t want to include “life stuff” and “game stuff” in posts, but hey, it’s my blog right?  Anyway, I did a whole bunch of shard runs this morning.  I think I got about 12.  That should put Egon right around 52.  He needs 112 for the entire set, but I’m getting there.  I might have the two most expensive pieces made today… or I might wait until Sunday or Monday when I have enough for the shoulders, bp, and legs.  The at least I won’t look silly.

I think the rest of the day will consist of Egon mentoring down with Mozza and doing quests.  Earning AA’s and leveling up that little “Dirge-in-tow”.  I’m looking forward to the high 30’s to the mid 60’s.  I plan on trying some dungeons with just the two of us.  I think Egon is going to kick some butt.  He’s super fun to play.  Probably near the very top of one of the best classes I’ve ever played… in any game.


Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Saturday and I’m sure I’ll be updating either later tonight or tomorrow.

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